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Technician Limited Consultation (TLC) Service℠

Technician Limited Consultation (TLC) Service℠

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The TLC Service℠ pairs the purchaser with one of Balance It®'s trained, registered veterinary nurses to help the customer to more easily gain access to up to 4 homemade recipes for their dog or cat using the publicly available Recipe Builder at powered by the Autobalancer®. Prior to purchasing this service, please complete the free, no obligation Fit Check Form here to see if this service can help you and your dog/cat. A registered veterinary nurse will then contact you with the next step(s).

Key Benefits & Features:

Ease, convenience, & confidence

Review of a brief “Fit Check Form” to see if the TLC Service℠ and Balance It® can help or whether referral to a board-certified veterinary nutritionist® is indicated instead

Help completing and review of a detailed questionnaire about your dog or cat to get the right custom homemade dog or cat food for them

Coordination with your veterinarian to get any needed veterinary approval for sick dogs/cats to meet FDA guidelines

Expert use of the Recipe Builder powered by the Autobalancer® to get up to 4 custom homemade recipes (recipes must be prepared by you in your home kitchen)

Nurses are trained & supervised by a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®

Full refund if no custom recipe can be generated*

*Balance It® can at its sole discretion refund the service fee at any time and for any reason and cease providing the service to a customer or to any customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer S.
Best decision we made for our senior dog!

Our senior mini schnauzer was approaching 12 yo and had been having chronic diarrhea that was not fully resolving with veterinary treatment. At the time this happened, she had been eating one of those human grade meal programs and doing great for 2 years. We couldn’t figure out what had changed - maybe her little GI system found the meals too difficult to digest? We weren’t sure. We got to a point where we thought cooking for her ourselves was worth a try. We were nervous about cooking our own food - fearful the meals wouldn’t be balanced. And then we found BalanceIt through a random web search. What a find!! It took a lot of more effort on our part to get the customized recipes we wanted and cooking for our girl is definitely a labor of love. But we are so glad we have the resources to do this. Between the recipes and the BalanceIt supplement, we sleep well at night knowing our girl is getting a well balanced meal that is designed for her unique needs. Our girl started having good, consistent poops for the first time in 3 months on her new food! She literally races to the kitchen at mealtime.We’ve never seen her so excited to eat. We highly recommend giving this service a try - especially if you have a dog with a health condition or unique dietary restrictions. We found it next to impossible to generate recipes suitable for her using the recipe builder on our own. The TLC consultation made the recipe building process work for us. Definitely worth the spend.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review, Jennifer. We are delighted to hear that our Technician Limited Consultation (TLC) Service℠ has been helpful for you and your senior dog Maddie. It can be challenging to find the right diet for a dog with health conditions, and we are glad that our service was able to provide a solution for your furry friend. We're also glad to hear that Maddie is excited to eat her meals and is having consistent bowel movements for the first time in 3 months!

We appreciate your support and hope Maddie continues to do well.

Christina Gumbiner
Flexible, friendly and educated

Melodye was wonderful! I was learning as we went along and she was patient, informative and very knowledgeable. She answered loads of questions and got us to a place where I feel confident in that I will not be counterproductive in my attempt to do the right thing by my guy.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review for our Technician Limited Consultation (TLC) Service℠. We're thrilled to hear that you found Melodye's support flexible, friendly and educational. We think she (and all of our veterinary nurses are) is wonderful as well!

Please let us know if there's anything else our team can assist you with. We hope Harley is enjoying his new homemade recipes!

Lois A Watford
Amazing customer service!

Very grateful for all I learned from Alisha in TLC Services. She answered all my questions and reached out to me to be sure I didn't have any more questions. I got my 4 receipes after we discussed what my goals and concerns were about cooking meals for my pet. She explained indepth some of the tools available on the website. I thought I had figured out all the options but no there are more! With the knowledge I have gained I feel much more confident about cooking for my pet and I am not new at cooking for my dogs. After my last girl got lymphoma I wanted to be sure I was giving my dog all the proper nutrition. My vet recommended Balance It website. I had tried good commercial dog food, both dry kibble and some canned but he didn't like it and would barely eat. Now he gobbles down his home cooked dog food.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our TLC Service and one of our registered veterinary nurses, Alisha. We are delighted to hear you found this new service valuable and helpful in getting all your needs met for your home-cooked recipes. We hope Bosun (thanks also for sharing the nice image of him) continues to gobble down his meals with gusto!

Great Service!

I could not be more pleased. Chelsea took the time to speak with me and listen to my concerns regarding my dog Frodo's diet and eating habits. She even asked additional questions to better understand what I was looking for. Later that same day, I had four recipes prepared! Chelsea took every single concern and request I had into consideration. The recipes included specific directions to make preparation easy. Other nutritionists I had looked into were not affordable, or had extremely long wait lists. I am so grateful that I found this service, and very highly recommend it!

Lyn, thank you for the wonderful review and kind words about one of our veterinary nurse's efforts on behalf of you and Frodo.

While we believe a consultation with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist is the gold standard (see directory at and know using the free Recipe Builder (see oneself is the most common way to get custom recipes, we believe the TLC Service provides that little extra help that is sometimes needed. We hope Frodo does well on the recipes from the Recipe Builder.