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Balance It® Canine -Cu

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Supplement for lower copper dog recipes.

Pure vitamin, mineral, and amino acid powder to create lower copper homemade dog food. Just mix with fresh ingredients from one of our free custom recipes and serve - essential nutrients + happy faces guaranteed.

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Key Benefits & Features:

Food (aka Human) grade + FDA & AAFCO Compliant

Third-party audited to federal/FDA Human Dietary Supplement standards

Every guaranteed nutrient is lab assayed to be within specification prior to release

No animal origin ingredients or added allergens

Free FDA/AAFCO compliant recipes via the Recipe Builder at

Founded by an expert board-certified veterinary nutritionist® and previous Chair of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Dedicated support team of licensed veterinary nurses and seasoned customer care team members

Trusted, used, & recommended by veterinary professionals worldwide

Safe for your dog/cat and the planet, no animal origin ingredients + powered by 100% renewable energy + minimal packaging

Family-owned, benefit corporation & made with love in California

Smaller-sized options available for trial purposes and/or smaller-sized dogs and cats

45-day money back return policy & no commitment/subscription required

Size & Dosing:

One bag contains 21.16 ounces (600 grams) of powder.
One pouch contains 20 grams of powder.  
One 10 pack of pouches contains 200 grams of powder.  

The supplement dose is measured in teaspoons and is thoughtfully based on a recipe, not solely on body weight. Get free recipes herePlease see Ingredients & Nutrient Analysis below for gram (g) amount per teaspoon (tsp).

Expiration Date & Storage Instructions:

This vitamin supplement is perishable. 3-11 months is the typical shelf-life range. Keep package closed and store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients & Nutrient Analysis:

INGREDIENTS: Tricalcium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Powdered Cellulose, Choline Bitartrate, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Monopotassium Phosphate, L-Tryptophan, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Phylloquinone (Source of Vitamin K Activity), Potassium Iodide, Thiamine Mononitrate, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Sodium Selenite, Niacin Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin D2 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Folic Acid, and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Source of Vitamin B6).

Click here to view actual bag label.

Click here to view actual 20 g pouch label.

Nutrient Amount per teaspoon or 4.9ml (2.5g) Amount per 20 gram pouch Unit
Moisture (max) 6.3 6.3 %
Tryptophan (min) 0.0358 0.2864 g
Calcium (min) 0.3795 3.036 g
Phosphorus (min) 0.1995 1.596 g
Potassium (min) 0.2523 2.0184 g
Sodium (min) 0.0263 0.2104 g
Chloride (min) 0.0438 0.3504 g
Magnesium (min) 0.02 0.16 g
Iron (min) 4.115 32.92 mg
Manganese (min) 0.283 2.264 mg
Zinc (min) 6.625 53 mg
Iodine (min) 0.0858 0.6864 mg
Selenium (min) 0.009 0.072 mg
Vitamin A (min) 283.5 2268 IU
Vitamin D2 (min) 27.5 220 IU
Vitamin E (min) 11.2 89.6 IU
Thiamine (min) 0.0803 0.6424 mg
Riboflavin (min) 0.2275 1.82 mg
Pantothenic acid (min) 0.4338 3.4704 mg
Niacin (min) 0.6008 4.8064 mg
Pyridoxine (min) 0.07263 0.58104 mg
Folic acid (min) 0.015 0.12 mg
Vitamin B12 (min) 0.00143 0.01144 mg
Choline (min) 61.2725 490.18 mg
Phylloquinone (min) 0.0678 0.5424 mg
*some nutrients may not be recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
robin reid
Canine CU

I have had to start buying this product due to my dog having Copper Hepatitis. Thank you for making a product for her and other dogs like her. Choices are very limited.

Robin, you are very welcome, and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts on Balance It® Canine -Cu. We're glad to be able to offer an option that works well for Izzi!

Ginette Novak
Auto ship orders

I was unable to get the auto ship to work but it seems that problem has been solved.

Thank you for your review, Ginette. We're happy to hear you are satisfied with our newer automatic reorder subscription platform. On August 11, 2023, we updated our subscription platform to give our customers more tools to manage their auto orders or supplement subscriptions. You will see new features to create, adjust, and/or cancel your auto-order subscription yourself through your account at www.Balance.It. Helpful instructions can be found in our FAQ titled, 'How can I manage my new automatic reorder subscription?' at

We hope your dog is doing well and continues to enjoy their homemade meals with Balance It Canine -Cu.

Chanelle Criqui-Anderson
Excellent health care products, smooth ordering and quick delivery

Ordering these trusted products is simple, and I receive my order promptly. Thank you. We determined my at Australian Shepherd/Lab mix dog was suffering from copper storage disease, and so I have been preparing all of his food at home and using the BalanceIt Canine supplement powder minus copper, and preparing his meals based on the online tool which provides the nutritional analysis. His ALT levels went down quickly and he is thriving at 14 1/2 half years old. I could not be happier.

Wow, thank you for taking the time to leave us an excellent review! It is great to hear that our Canine -Cu supplement has been smooth and quick to get and more importantly helpful in nutritionally managing Joker's disease when used with his special diet. It makes us very happy to know that he is thriving in his more mature years.

We're grateful for your continued support of and trust in our company, and look forward to continuing to serve you and Joker!

Marlies Hunter
My dog loves her homemade food!

My dog has copper associated Hepatopathy and the Vet specialist said that a homemade diet crafted for her condition with Balance It would have half the copper than prescription low copper commercial dog food. My dog loves the food and I felt that the advice given with the packaging saying you could keep it in the refrigerator or freezer as it would reduce the smell of it for my dog was helpful. I will continue feeding it to my dog and her coat is already better and her breath is better than when she was on the prescription low copper commercial food.

Thank you for sharing Rennie's experience with Balance It® Canine -Cu! We are so happy to hear that she loves the homemade food and that it has improved her coat and breath. We understand the importance and challenge of reducing dietary copper for some dogs and are glad that our product has proven useful. It is also nice to hear that our recently redesigned shipping insert was informative and helpful. We hope Rennie continues to do well.

Gail Ader
Great product.

So thankful this was available so we could home cook for our family member. She eats it readily.

Thank you for the great review, Gail. We're delighted to hear your dog is readily eating her home-cooked food with Balance It Canine -Cu. We hope she is doing well.

Lubby Smith
Healthy pup

My very sick pup went to a specialist because we couldn't find out what's wrong and he was getting worse. They prescribed a low copper diet, but it was super expensive for a 100-lb pup, it was rarely available in any brand, and it gave him diarrhea when we finally could get it.

I used to feed him a homemade diet, but switched to dry due to it's labor intensive and I was ill.

After almost a year on this Rx diet and supplements, his bloodwork came back excellent, and the doctor can't believe how healthy and beautiful his coat was.

I highly recommend. My 8-year old acts like a vivacious 3-year old.

Elizabeth, thank you for your positive review of Balance It® Canine -Cu. We are thrilled to hear that our product has helped Django with his health concerns and overall well-being. We understand the challenges of finding a suitable low copper diet, and we are glad that our product has been able to provide a solution for you.

We appreciate your recommendation and are always here to support you and your pup's health journey. Thank you for choosing Balance It® Canine -Cu.

Ruth Petrea
Balence it CU formula

Great product. My dog has been fortunate enough to receive this for about 8 years. We are grateful for the customer service and continued great results.

Ruth, thank you for the great review and ongoing support! It has been a pleasure assisting you and Maggie throughout the years.

William Finger
Great Product

Our 4 year old English Setter was diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease. Balance It Canine-CU has been great. We’ve followed the recipes and not only does he love the food, his health has improved dramatically.

William, we're so glad to hear that Balance It® Canine -Cu has played a part in Mac's improved health! We hope he continues to love his homemade meals.

Thank you for the great review!

Jock’s mom
Love the actual product

I do love this vitamin powder for my Border collie, Jock, as he has had liver disease for two years and this product is appropriate without copper. The one thing I wish is that the packaging/container hadn’t been changed. I truly hate it. It’s difficult to open and close and difficult to get product has it gets low. That being said, I will continue to buy for my boy!

Thank you for sharing your review and pastoral picture of Jock with us! He looks so majestic!

We are sorry you have had some difficulty with our new bag packaging. As widely reported, plastic recycling is unfortunately minimal at 5-6% in most municipalities and efforts to simply reduce plastic use have been suggested instead (see Thus, we decided to proactively develop a packaging solution that uses less plastic and invest in a new packaging line to support this change. By transitioning to bags instead of bottles, we have been able to reduce the plastic used by over 82%. Additionally, the new bags have a wider opening allowing the powder to usually be more easily accessed at the bottom.

Per federal law, we cannot recommend transferring the contents into a reusable and resealable container that you might prefer and like most cooks do for other bagged powdered cooking ingredients like flour or sugar. Legally, we must tell you that any container must have a child resistant closure (CRC; aka “be childproof”) given its high nutrient content. This special packaging requirement protects against accidental ingestion of all of the contents at once by a child.

We believe we have made the best available decision and choice given both regulatory and environmental concerns while as always we keep looking for even better options.

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We're very glad to hear Balance It Canine -Cu has been a good fit for Jock and you love it.

Cindy Knebel

Very happy with Balance It® Canine -Cu as my dog needs it for his copper storage disease. Also, I live in Canada and I'm extremely happy that it gets delivered within 6 or 7 days.

Thank you for sharing your happiness with Balance It Canine -Cu and our international shipping, Cindy! We appreciate your support and hope your dog is also very happy with their home-cooked food!